COVID-19 Statement

Our priority is to maintain the safety and security of our customers and our staff at all times.

Our operating procedures ensure that we observe all government guidelines when carrying out our chauffeured services.

Including observing the social distancing rules with the provision of face masks, antibacterial hand gels and wipes and thorough cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle, before and immediately after, each journey has been completed with ‘Fog-It’ technology a safe clean & highly effective antibacterial, antiviral sanitisation system.

We have also implemented strict guidance to all our drivers with regard to the handling of client luggage, requiring them to use disposable gloves at all times and to obtain permission from the client before handling any luggage into, or out of, the vehicle.

Moreover, we have temporarily removed all non fixed items from the vehicle, including magazines, sweets, portable wifi units, tissues and bottled water (although this can be requested for longer journeys – with protocols applied).

Our reputation for delivering the highest levels of service and comfort to our customers remains our priority collectively with our total commitment to maintaining this as a principal focus.

The measures we have implemented to keep our customers safe and secure will provide added reassurance to our customers that they remain at the heart of our business model.

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Established over 35 years ago. Murray Chauffeur Services are considered by many to be London’s premier chauffeuring service.
We have provided transport services to members of HM Government, Royalty, Heads of State, diplomatic and corporate clients and the discerning for over a quarter of a century.


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